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BK Pre-School Registration: February 3rd 10 AM @ Bertha Kennedy School

Our preschools offer great programming 3-4 half days a week for children of all abilities and interests. We provide a stimulating, play and literacy rich learning environment with high staff-child ratios. We are dedicated to providing intensive intervention for children ages 2  to 5 who require additional support in a preschool environment. Our programs also provide great learning challenges for “community” children who do not require any additional support. “Community” child should be four years of age prior to March 1, 2016 (i.e. will be attending kindergarten in September 2016).  If you would like more information regarding this program please contact the school office or see our division website for more information. Children requiring early intervention/extra support can register by contacting Rachel O'Brien @ 459-7734 (Vital Grandin School). Priority will be given to families in the school community. Come early as spots fill up very quickly!

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To report your child's absence please click on the link to the right or call and leave a message at BK at 780-458-6101. An active email client (Mac Mail app, WinMail, Outlook, etc.) is required for the link to work.


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Inspiring a new generation of dino discoverers

A group of young paleontologists in the making kept University of Alberta graduate students Betsy Kruk and Tetsuto Miyashita on their toes this week at a special event celebrating the photographic efforts of their teacher. - See more, by clicking on the "Dino 101" link.